Making today count

IMG_8632.JPGStanding in the kitchen the other day as I was listening to Nick Vujicic speaking the Scentsy consultants via FaceBook live stream. As I was listening it struck me hard what he had to say. Something that I hadn’t ever really living lately…

I used to live for the moments, relish in them actually. My life lately has been revolving around work, work, and more work. I wasn’t spending quality time with my kids or my husband for that matter. I. WAS. ALWAYS. WORKING!!! Seriously, in the middle of my list as he kept saying “Make Today Count,” I stopped writing. The next thing I knew I had written down things that I wanted-no, NEEDED to do. I needed to spend the time away from work and reconnect with my kids, my husband, and well, myself. So this week as I work my mind set, I’m going to live with the thought of making today count.

Until next time,



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